YMHC Director

Sheryl Boswell is the Executive Director of Youth Mental Health Canada, a community-based, charitable, youth-led non-profit organization based in Hamilton, Ontario. Since 2013, she has led Youth Mental Health Canada, and created a grassroots organization without public funding and paid staff that is focused on youth, family and community engagement for mental health education, advocacy, support and change. There are currently between 100 and 150 volunteers and placement students with YMHC. Sheryl oversees over 10 committees who are working on multilingual infographics, social media engagement, conference and workshop planning, membership, research and many other activities.


Sheryl Boswell is an educator and has taught elementary, secondary, post-secondary and adult education students in Canada and Africa. Sheryl Boswell has been involved in education, disability and access issues, social justice and human rights since she started her teaching career as a Special Education teacher in Zimbabwe, Africa.

Sheryl is a passionate and inspiring educator and workshop facilitator. She brings a wealth of experience with people of all ages, backgrounds, learning styles and needs. For years, Sheryl, an experienced educator, workshop facilitator and writer, has been sharing her passion for education, skills development, participatory learning and community-building in a wide range of forums.

Suicide Loss Survivor and Suicidologist

YMHC’s director and founder is also a suicide loss survivor and child and youth mental health expert with many years of experience.

Mental Wellness Writer and Materials Developer

Sheryl has written five mental wellness resources for young people of all ages, parents, educators, mental health and community workers and clinicians. The resources have been internationally reviewed by well-respected suicidologists in child and youth mental health and suicide prevention.


Sheryl Boswell is an internationally recognized leader and speaker on topics of youth mental health, mental wellness, resilience, and suicide prevention. In all that Sheryl does, she inspires, educates, and successfully challenges others to develop caring communities that help people thrive.

She has presented in local, national and international conferences on mental health, youth mental health and suicide prevention.

Youth Mental Health Advocate

Sheryl Boswell has contributed to provincial and national change in education that recognizes that mental health is a disability which must be accommodated in the education system.

Sheryl is a member of the International Association of Youth Mental Health and the American Association of Suicidology.

Social Media Content Creator and Influencer

Her influence on social media platforms has resulted in the largest and most engaged mental health platforms in Canada with a reach of millions, which includes people of all ages from every country in the world and a following of 20% Indigenous people.