Training Course

School-Wide Strategies for Supporting Students with School Phobia, Avoidance, and Chronic Absenteeism for Education, and Mental Health Professionals

School phobia, avoidance, and absence are some of the most pressing issues in youth mental health and suicide prevention.

With the School Phobia Training Course, you gain the knowledge and skills needed to support students who are struggling with chronic school absenteeism. Register now and become a part of the solution.

Drawing on a wide evidence base, the course provides participants with a range of school-wide strategies for positively impacting the lives, health, education, and future potential of students.

The trainer draws on her 20 years of experience working on school phobia issues, in addition to the coordination of Stay-in-School programs, plus years of experience as an educator with elementary, secondary, postsecondary, and adult education students in Canada and Africa, and her membership and involvement in international organizations focused on youth mental health, suicide prevention, and school attendance.

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Course Outline

Topics include

Education Matters: Education, Mental Health, and Disability Issues

Understanding Chronic School Absenteeism Issues

Emotional Regulation and School Phobia

Building Mental Wellness Protective Factors: Sources of Support

Building Sources of Strength and Resilience

School-Wide Strategies to Support Students with School Phobia, Avoidance, and Non-Attendance